Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Wing Chun taught in every school the same?
    There are different lineages of Wing chun. Within Ip Man's lineage, main elements of training are usually the same, however what differs is the level of detail, skill level of the instructor and ability to transfer knowledge that affects the learning of the student.
  2. Why choose us?
    We are most closely linked to the actual Ip Man school in HK (Ving Tsun Athletic Association). The founder of our school is the chairman of VTAA. We impart authentic traditional Ip Man Wing Chun with no additions from other martial arts. Classes are conducted in English and easy to understand. Progression in training is also based on the individual's progress.
  3. Is Wing Chun effective for self defense?
    Wing Chun Kung Fu is an art that has been around for more than 300 years and its concepts has been proven to be very effective, especially for ladies.
  4. What is the difference between Kung Fu and Wu Shu?
    Kung fu is a martial art that has an objective to be actually used in real life situations. Historically, Wu Shu has its roots from Kung fu but is designed to be used in performances to promote and preserve Chinese culture.
  5. What is the recommended age range for training?
    Age 14 to 60 years old. Children below 14 usually find difficulty in understanding the concepts and internal arts involved.
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  1. What do I have to bring for training?
    Just be dressed in sports attire, preferably, track pants and sports shoes with School T-shirt.
  2. How are lessons typically conducted?
    Each lesson is 2 hours. We will start with generic warm up followed by Wing Chun style warm up. We will then do 1 time of the form that you have been trained in at the point of time. after that we will break up into groups of similar level to train in specific techniques. Last 15 mins will usually be used to practise Chi sao.
  3. I do not have any martial arts background, am i suitable to train in Wing Chun?
    Wing Chun is suitable for everyone and even easier to pick up for people who have no prior martial arts background.
  4. When do I have to pay the training fees?
    Fees are collected on your 1st lesson of the month.
  5. Are there any special activities besides regular training?
    We will organize yearly trips to Ving Tsun Athletic Association and Ving Tsun Ip Ching Athletic Association for training in Hong Kong. There, we will also pay respects to the late Grandmaster Ip Man at his grave.